photographyI am pleased to offer a new commercial photography service to my website clients. Most projects need imagery and a combination of stock images and clients own images are sometimes not enough to really give a website that unique look. Many times the barrier to completing a website was finding suitable images.

Our photographer will meet with you and advise you. We can also provide studio shots for product shots for ecommerce websites aswell as on site photo shoots.

Here is a couple of examples where we have used professional photography for a couple of website refreshes.

Uber Concepts, Middlewich – Plantation Shutters Website

From now on Nigel will be taking all my photographs, I am so pleased with the result. Our challenge has always been getting good interior shots”.

Top Floors, Northwich – Top Floors website

“The challenge for Top Floors has always been trying to promote the store and range within the store. Nigel has managed to capture exactly what we needed to refresh the websites imagery”

For more information on our photo shoots please get in touch.