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Meet the Bloom Team

Jeanette Elton, Founder & Agency Owner

Jeanette Elton - Web Designer

Jeanette takes pride in doing things differently. She’s passionate about return on investment.

Annie Taylor, Life Coach at One Life and Style

Rather than write about myself, which is always difficult. I asked my client, Annie Taylor to write this for me. Annie is a Life Coach and an amazing writer. Thanks Annie for getting this piece spot on.

As the founder-owner of Bloom Creative Design, she views clients with the intent of personal vocation, cultivating with care. Working from the simple seed of an idea you first present her with, her expertise remains with you to ensure the flourishing business brand you need to advance your success.

When you contact Bloom Creative Design you’re welcomed like a new family member. Her team is small and dedicated, each individual passionate about crafting a synergistic blend of creativity and technical knowhow.

In your discovery session, Jeanette’s approachable style means you feel comfortable enough to ask all the questions you have, express all your concerns and be open about your business aims. From a detailed diagnosis she puts together her plan for your success.

You’re guided through the step by step process in a pragmatic way. Jeanette keeps you from the baffling details you’d rather not have to think about, appreciating that what you want is, quite simply, a website that will drive the right type of business your way. That’s where specialist knowledge in SEO comes into play.

You feel as though you’re working in partnership as Bloom feels more like part of your own team than an agency. There’s transparency within a very holistic approach to technology; you know which stage of build your website is at by the combination of a roadmap Jeanette shares with you and the weekly updates you receive. You have opportunity enough to discuss any tweaks or double-checks of your thinking over coffee, accompanied with a little casual humour.

The reveal is quite an event and I recommend preparing yourself with a glass of bubbly because it’s going to be something you want to celebrate.  The result will astound you, even though the build has been far from secret. And in a way, this is just the beginning… 

10 years of experience as a business owner means that Jeanette’s probably been through the stage you’re at now.  She shares her knowledge, helping her clients to avoid the mistakes she’s learned from, on her own journey.  Google ranking is forever on her mind, wanting her clients to appear at the top of the page when potential customers search.  And a care plan maintains the integrity of your website with continued focus on driving your success.

Jeanette seeks out giants in the industry to learn from, investing heavily in both technology and continuous personal development.  As a member of the Mavericks Club, which is an international agency coaching program, by invite only, Jeanette has access to other superheros of the digital marketing world.  That means that through her, you also have a gateway to a variety of specialities that can further enhance your business growth.  Becoming part of the Bloom Creative Design family brings benefits you don’t anticipate.  Like an unexpected nudge for action to further encourage your business development. 

And training is offered for those who want it, allowing you to grow in confidence so that you can choose what level of independence you want.  

“A website needs to be continuously nurtured to perform well,” says Jeanette.

With such personal attention to the wishes of her clients, it’s no surprise that they often become friends and that so much of her business comes via referral. 

“The weight in gravitas that a website carries when it’s done well is important.
Getting the return they want is what my clients invest in.”

Michelle Montera

Website Manager and Developer

Michelle has been part of the Bloom Team since August 2019 and has become an invaluable part of the business. Coming from a digital agency in the city and having a solid foundation in WordPress, Michelle has taken management of around 40 of our websites. From weekly software updates, monitoring intrusions and maintaining security . She also handles all website content updates and client reporting and manages our support desk. She has built up relationships with our clients and looks after everyone with care and conscientiousness. Michelle is also our front end developer and builds out all our new website projects and has a great eye for design.


Lead Graphic Designer

Chris comes from a design and print background with many years of experience. He heads up our branding and web design activities including logo design. He can also help with any design for print projects such as brochures, downloadable documents to business cards and signage. 

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