How I work...

Firstly I try to avoid talking too much technical speak. I have  a clear and simple process which helps me understand your business needs and how and if I can help. Consider the following below to help move things forward quickly and effectively. Also take a look at my process and if this all looks good I look forward to hearing from you.

To make an enquiry click the Project Enquiry button below. 


Do you know what your business needs goals are ? What you are trying to achieve ? If you do then please complete the Project Enquiry form and I will get in touch. If you are unsure and need help, contact me to work through some ideas.


Growing your business online needs dedicated marketing plans to achieve your desired results. Consider the ongoing resources and commitment needed to create a new audience or grow an existing audience to achieve your success online.


A new website and marketing takes hard work and resource. It is a great investment and will provide a good return for your business. You will need a realistic budget to achieve the right results.


I will need your time as much as you need mine ! So I will chase you for content and feedback along the way. I will also keep you well informed so you always know where the project is up to. Be prepared and ensure you have the right resource available.

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