Online Business Health Check Up

Website Evaluation and SEO Assessment

Rather like a vehicle’s annual MOT, the online elements of your business need regular and rigorous checks. This includes your website which will benefit from an assessment to see what's working and what's not. The results of this can be surprising, maybe even worrying, and will definitely shed light on how your website can be improved in the short, medium and long-term to increase visibility on Google for the correct search terms.

Our assessment is a high-level overview of your business and website’s performance in Google’s organic search results. We include a full SEO assessment. You may think your site is optimised to the best it can be. Our evaluation will identify missing optimisations that will improve your website ranking and therefore increase traffic and leads for your business.

Let’s Go Back A Step And Define SEO

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation.

SEO involves the complex task of getting a website optimised sufficiently so it can be displayed on Google for your target key phrase and location.

What it is not is Paid-For Google Ads, otherwise known as Pay Per Click or PPC. Google Ads are placed at the top of a search results page and can have significant amounts of monetary spend behind them.

If implemented correctly, good SEO includes content on your website which has the potential to improve its visibility to search engines and search engine users. So, you are more likely to show up in relevant searches.

However, implementing good SEO takes time, skill and patience.

Google Screenshot for Grappenhall Kitchen Company who are in 2nd spot of the first page of the search results for 'kitchens Warrington'

Why Do I Need An Online Business Health Check Up ?

An SEO Assessment is a good idea if you answer yes to one or more of these statements.

I rarely get enquiries from my website.

I have little traffic to my website.

I can’t find my website on Google.

My website takes a long time to load.

I am unsure where I rank on Google with my product or services?

I do get traffic, but my conversion rate is low.

I am unsure if my website is ‘mobile friendly.’

Who Will Benefit From An Online Business Health Check Up ?

Are you still unsure if you need a Website and SEO Assessment?

Take a look at these statements and be honest about whether any of them apply to you at the moment.

I am not sure where and how to get started with SEO.

I have had a bad experience with an SEO agency in the past.

I would like to get started with SEO, but not sure how to do it.

I have no idea of my website's performance or traffic.

What Is The Process And What Are The Deliverables?

Our evaluation process firstly will educate you. Some action items you could do yourself. Some you may need help with from a web developer. We do not need to login to your website but it would be useful to be able to access Google Analytics or Google Search Console.



This is the start of a journey for your business, a journey that leads to success and will give you the confidence in the power of a good holistic SEO approach.



An honest evaluation of how Google sees your business’ and how other elements filter in. You will understand exactly what’s most important to focus on next.


12 Month Roadmap Action Items

Your roadmap shows you some ideas of the path your success journey could take. You will be able to keep this as your ‘go to’ document.


Strategy Call

We will have a strategy call to take you through the process and the results and answer any questions you may have. 

How We Do It ?

Bloom Creative Design uses the Four Pillars of SEO Framework which in turn breaks down the assessment into the above topic areas. It includes analysing relevancy, understanding the long-term approach to your SEO strategy and best practice formulas. 

While this sounds overwhelming, this will be a one-off project that shows where your business is today and what needs fixing in order for you to succeed. The project will empower you to stay ahead of your competitors and for your products and services to be agile and future proof, so you can build your brand, consolidate it and deliver it to your customers in a consistent manner.

The Four Pillars of SEO

Technical SEO

Discovering damaging ‘below par’ elements of your website that prevent Google including your site in the search results.

On Site Optimisation

How good your onsite SEO really is and highlight best practice action items.

Off Site SEO

Looking for improvements with Google My Business, Citations and Backlinks.


Analysing your website content and does the content match what people are really searching for on Google ?

What Is Not Included

Once we’ve carried out the assessment, the work we are doing for you at this point stops. The clue is in the word assessment, which will give you an excellent overview as to the opportunities that are open to you. Returning to our use of the MOT example, an MOT will show where your vehicle’s performance can be improved or even fails to hit the mark … however an MOT does not seek to remedy or repair these elements. You need further work from a qualified mechanic in order to get safely back on the road again so you can reach your destination.

It could be that some of your assessment results show a need for immediate action. If so, these action items are included in out SEO Jump Start product. This is normally the next step if you want to fix items from the assessment. Again, this is a one-off project and will seek to help you where it is most needed and gives you confidence in the value of ongoing SEO. 

What's Next After your Online Health Check Up Project ?

These are our follow on products which fit nicely into the next steps…


To action the key recommendations from the Online Health Check Up and work through our SEO checklist so that your website and business has a good foundation for ongoing SEO services. This is a one-off project.


In some cases, a website will simply need to be rebuilt from scratch and we do this within an 8 week timeframe. This project includes a new website and Technical and On-Site SEO so that you can start to improve your online visibility and getting those high quality leads.


Ongoing SEO Services based on a 90 day plan to get you started with SEO on an ongoing basis. You can go straight to this product following the Online Health Check Up.


A one off project focusing on improving local search visibility including optimising your Google My Business profile and Citation Building. This is a one of project and can be done without any website rebuild.


Skip all of the above and dive straight into our 12 month program which includes all of the above products and is customised just for your business. We have had some great results with clients on this program and you can read about them on our Case Study page.

Get your ONLINE HEALTH CHECK UP underway and start your journey to success


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